Ferron – Impressionistic 2 CD Set (2000)


This 2000-song essential retrospective contains not only all the best tracks from the currently-unavailable Testimony (title track, Misty Mountain, Almost Kissed), but lots of tracks from her completely out-of-print Warner Brothers titles to which she has finally been able to buy the rights and release here herself. From Still Riot: title track, Alice Says Yes, Venus as Appearances, I Am Hungry, The Chosen Ones… From Driver: Maya… from Phantom Center: Harmless Love, My My, Stand Up… and some Shadows on a Dime highlights as well, such as Snowin’ in Brooklyn, I Never Was To Africa, Proud Crowd. Neither she nor we would suggest that anyone ought to listen to a double Ferron CD all at one sitting; but there’s enough on here for hours, days, months and years worth of layered discovery.  Review by Ladyslipper


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Track Listing:

1 The Chosen Ones 5:30
2 Girl on a Road 6:57
3 Stand Up 4:55
4 Ain’t Life a Brook 4:47
5 Misty Mountain 5:07
6 Alice Says Yes 5:44
7 Call Me 5:26
8 Shady Gate 6:16
9 Independence Day 4:16
10 Shadows on a Dime 5:40
11 Our Purpose Here 4:03
12 I Am Hungry 5:49
13 I Never Was to Africa 3:34
14 Higher Wisdom 3:45
15 Who Loses 4:19
16 Venus as Appearances 3:46
17 My, My 5:05
18 Phantom Center 4:08
19 Proud Crowd/Pride Cried 6:08
20 Almost Kissed 3:40
21 Sunshine 5:38
22 Sunken City 5:42
23 Snowin’ in Brooklyn 4:51
24 Cactus 7:31
25 Maya 6:53
26 Testimony 4:22
27 Harmless Love 5:21
28 Still Riot 6:31

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Full Album – Physical CD, Full Album – Download, 1 The Chosen Ones, 2 Girl on a Road, 3 Stand Up, 4 Ain't Life a Brook, 5 Misty Mountain, 6 Alice Says Yes, 7 Call Me, 8 Shady Gate, 9 Independence Day, 10 Shadows on a Dime, 11 Our Purpose Here, 12 I Am Hungry, 13 I Never Was to Africa, 14 Higher Wisdom, 15 Who Loses, 16 Venus as Appearances, 17 My, My, 18 Phantom Center, 19 Proud Crowd/Pride Cried, 20 Almost Kissed, 21 Sunshine, 22 Sunken City, 23 Snowin' in Brooklyn, 24 Cactus, 25 Maya, 26 Testimony, 27 Harmless Love, 28 Still Riot


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