We rock at taking care of the details…
so you can rock at creating the melody!

Interested in exploring the possibilities? Call 517-484-1712 or email [email protected] to set up your free half-hour consultation.

Pre-Order Swag Sales

Do you really wish you could offer your fans a fabulous special shirt/hoodie/water bottle, etc?  But the cost of purchasing everything is a tad overwhelming? We can set up a special sale for fabulous screen printed or full color heat transfered swag with no upfront cost to you.  We have done this for artists and for festivals – you can see some of the options at this link.

We take orders for a defined time period, place the order with a manufacturer and when they are done, we ship everything directly to your customers.   Similar to what you see with Bonfire or Tee-Spring, but with better quality and you make more money per piece.  Contact us for more information if this sounds like something you would like. 

Storage & Fulfillment – Wholesale & Retail
Keep your physical stock on hand and well managed!  

Artists with a full tour schedule often need someone to keep track of their physical product inventory, making sure there is sufficient stock and that it gets to where it needs to be!  We can also do your web order fulfillment – making it look like the discs are either shipping directly from your store or from Goldenrod.  Let us help you with your:

► Warehouse Storage
 Shipping to Distributors
 Tour Shipment
 Individual Web Order Fulfillment

Cost: Storage starts at $50 per month, including 2 shipments per month. Email for details on web fulfillment pricing.

Manufacturing & Distribution Coordination
So many details, so little time

This service often goes hand in hand with the Fulfillment service. You do the creative part, making the music and the artistic vision, we handle the details – finding you the best pricing and vendors for your disc or thumb drive duplication, coordinating the masters, graphics and everything else needed to get your product to its final form.  In addition, we can help you decide whether it makes sense for you to have physical distribution of your albums and what level of distribution is best for you. We have good relationships with excellent independent distribution companies and can find the right fit for your music.

Cost:  Starts at $150 per album.

Other Projects You Have Dreamed About
You dream it, we help you do it! 

Is there something you’ve wanted to do, but between your tour schedule and creating your art, you can never find the time to make it happen? We’re happy to discuss special project and help you figure out how to make them happen!

Cost: Dependent on size and scope of project.

Our Mission Statement

◼  We at Goldenrod promote and market music which reflects and affirms the lives and passions of Women, Lesbians and members of other alternative diverse communities and self-identified cultures, empowering them and encouraging personal growth and positive social and political change.
◼  We are dedicated to building and maintaining a dynamic relationship with our customers by providing excellent service and knowledge of our artists and the music industry. 
◼  We unite as a team by honoring each other, embracing individual uniqueness and meeting both personal and professional challenges to achieve our collective goals.