WWTLC 2019 Calendar!

The 2019 WWTLC Calendar with fabulous pictures of The Land and some of her people is almost here! Popular demand made the WWTLC decide late to have a calendar this year and we will have them to ship out starting on January 15th or 16th. Order yours today!

Holly Near

We are thrilled to carry Holly Near’s entire catalog, including her newest release, 2018, and her recently re-mastered and released historic albums!   In case you missed it, you can still watch her Facebook Livestream Concert from December 1st.

Sweet Honey in the Rock


Limited colors, styles and sizes available NOW.  First come, first served!


Fern Photograph by Jamie Locke

Michigan Womyn's Music Festival

2017 Michfest Calendars and limited styles and quantities of t-shirts available.

Melissa Ferrick

Goldenrod carries the complete Melissa Ferrick collection, including the 2016 release – Self Titled on CD and Vinyl.









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