Christina Green

Christina Green writes and performs observational, image-rich and storytelling-focused songs that bring together politics, spirituality, quirky vignettes and tales, and personal stories. A sense of place/journey is also a feature of her work, which draws musically on a wide range of styles including Celtic, folk, rock/punk and cabaret. Christina’s songs have been described as ‘snapshots, portraits, landscapes, stories and moments in time, pieces of mindfulness’ – observational and lyrically engaging, they are delivered with a mix of guitar/ukulele with harmonica and percussion additions. She also incorporates occasional instrumentals in her sets. Based in Melbourne, she is active in both folk/acoustic and art music contexts, and has performed at a wide range of folk festivals and venues in Melbourne and Victoria, as well as making appearances in Canada and in the UK, where she was based during the 1990s.

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