As a Virginia Giordano Memorial Fund Artist Honoree for 2022 and winner of SisterSpace People’s Choice Vote in 2013, Antara does what she loves and loves what she does! Whether busy conjuring variations of rhythm folk poetry in song lyrics or exploring the percussive-like dynamics of her trademark guitar riffs, independent folk songstress Antara continues to establish herself as an artist that is expanding the forefront of women’s music and the independent folk movement. Having performed in more than 500 venues throughout New England, Canada, the Midwest and the South, Antara’s unique fusion of rhythmic folk music and interactive coffee house performance capitalizes on a sharing of the sociological perspective that shapes her life, love, and work. Described by colleagues like well-known folk musician Edie Carey as “wonderfully smart songs, incredible humor and an amazing presence onstage,” Antara and her work continue to capture praise from audiences, critics, and fellow singer/songwriters, while providing the essential fuel that propels her creative impulse into genres that take traditional folk performance to new levels and listeners.

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