Allir is the electronic-acoustic duo project featuring Colleen Clark (drum programming, guitar, bass, sound engineer, sweater vest, glasses) and Christine Havrilla (vocals, guitar, bass, whiskey, potato chips).

The two musicians met in 2018 while working with other bands at a festival, not knowing what the future would do to bring them closer together. Colleen, with 2 albums of her own, kept busy as a professor at Salisbury University, teaching sound engineering & recording and sitting in with bands, while Christine kept busy touring solo, with her band Gypsy Fuzz, and with Mama’s Black Sheep. Right before Covid hit, the two of them started hanging out more and started exploring musical ideas, but all of that was cut off for the next year and a half. Once the world opened up again for live music, Christine, after 15 recordings and 22 years of touring under her own name, was ready to experiment with a “different” sound and Colleen was the missing link that was going to help push along this acoustic-electronic journey called “Allir”.

“Allir” is simply Christine’s nick-name (Rilla) spelled backwards, however, while looking up possible explanations of the word, she found an Icelandic translation for allir which meant “everyone”. That discovery set off the concept & affirmation of how music does include everyone and how Christine wanted to continue to bring people together. Lightbulb! Exciting discovery! Name for the duo!

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