Terry Garthwaite

Terry Garthwaite has been creating infectious music since the late ’60s in the Joy of Cooking band. She recorded several albums with the band and a dozen others by herself or in collaboration with other jazz and blues musicians. With the improvisation of jazz, expression of blues, textures and tones or world
music, and the heart of a healer, Terry makes music that opens you to the joy of living.

Terry has been teaching singing for over 40 years in the Bay Area–through classes, workshops, and private lessons. She currently leads vocal workshops, classes and circles in rhythm and chant. emphasizing the joy of singing together, playing with sound and digging the musical garden. She also guides a weekly hand-drum jam, and co-leads an annual week-long retreat in New Mexico with Becky Reardon, Kate Munger, and Melanie DeMore.

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