Paulette Branson & Mixed People

Paulette Branson was born and raised in Indian Head, Maryland and moved to Philadelphia in 1998, at the age of 11. Music was always an integral part of Paulette’s childhood as she often jammed and played drums alongside her mother and sister. Paulette’s first love was the drums, but in her early teens she began teaching herself the guitar, piano, and bass. Paulette is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist who began writing her own songs by age 13. In 2009, Paulette began playing rhythm and lead guitar in local Philly bands and quickly started learning the ins and outs of the local music scene. Paulette founded the band, Mixed People, in 2012. “Mixed People” is a funky, soul fusion band with hints of rock and world music…or as they like to call it – new age funk. Versatile musicianship, raw lyrics, and full vocal harmonies create a genuine, mixed musical experience. The name Mixed People derived from colors that bloomed out the whole funk and nothing but the funk. It embraces the love of self and others regardless of our differences and celebrates the beauty in us all. Mixed People released their EP Album, Shark Attack, in April 2014. During that year, the band was recognized by CBS Local as one of Philly’s top funk bands, and was nominated by Urban Celebrity Magazine’s Philly Hip-Hop Awards as 2014’s Best Live Band in Philadelphia. In addition to being the driving force behind Mixed People’s success, Paulette has recently redefined her musicianship, writing, vocal versatility and production ability in her newly released solo album, Feels Good. Feels Good is a genre-bending album full of personality and flavor. The album is flirty and fun with a vulnerable side. Paulette’s music is soulful and progressive, and the energy and emotion behind her sound will get you dancing on your feet and singing along.

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