Jen Cloher CD – Jen Cloher



  1. Forgot Myself
  2. Analysis Paralisys
  3. Regional Echo
  4. Sensory Memory
  5. Shoegazers
  6. Strong Woman
  7. Kinda Biblical
  8. Great Australian Bite
  9. Loose Magic
  10. Waiting in the Wings
  11. Dark Art

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We discovered her through a pseudorod and watching this amazing video of Jen and wife Courtney Barnett performing the entire Patti Smith Horses album in Melbourne. So worth 50 minutes of your time!

“It’s self-titled.” The three-word answer is all that Jen Cloher requires to describe her new album, a letter in triplicate addressed to themes of Music, Australia and Love. It’s the most honest album she’s ever written. Jen likes best to tell the truth.

‘Jen Cloher’ is the culmination of a period of artistic and personal growth in which the artist took her rightful place as the punk-rock figurehead of Melbourne’s famous DIY music scene. The NIDA graduate is now an outspoken advocate for artist rights, a label boss and band-leader, she also happens to be the partner of an internationally acclaimed songwriter. Cloher’s politics and her fascinating life-story are enough justification to take notice here, but it’s the music that will have you returning to this album again and again.

Cloher says: “It’s a classic rock album, recorded live in one room with minimal overdubs… I’m not too good at going into descriptive language around my own music but I suppose it is intimate without ever feeling too precious.”

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