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Who is the first female athlete you admired? Were male and female athletes treated differently in your high school? Is there a natural limit to women’s athletic ability? How has Title IX opened up opportunities for women athletes?

Every semester since 1996, Bonnie Morris has encouraged students to confront questions like these in one of the most provocative college courses in America: Athletics and Gender, A History of Women’s Sports. What’s the Score?, Morris’s energetic teaching memoir, is a peek inside that class and features a decades-long dialogue with student athletes about the greater opportunities for women—on the playing field, as coaches, and in sports media. From corsets to segregated schoolyards to the WNBA, we find women athletes the world over conquering unique barriers to success.

What’s the Score? is not only an insider’s look at sports education but also an engaging guide to turning points in women’s sports history that everyone should know.



Bonnie J. Morris, author of 19 books and a member of the Authors Guild, has been teaching women’s sports history since 1996, becoming Professor of the Year and emeritus professor at George Washington University, Vicennial Medalist at Georgetown, and a nominee for the Excellence in Teaching Prize at UC-Berkeley. She is a scholarly adviser to the National Museum of Women’s History, a history consultant to Disney, and the archivist for Olivia Records, as well as three-time faculty for the global Semester at Sea program. Find her talks on C-SPAN and her writing at www.bonniejmorris.com. Morris is currently a lecturer in history at the University of California at Berkeley.

And she’s known to everyone at MIchfest as Dr. Bon!

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