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01 Amazon (reggae) (Toshi Reagon)
02 Rise Again (Judith Casselberry)
03 Amazon Like A Rock (Stacyann Chin)
04 Amazonas De La Tierra (Mayra Casales)
05 Amazon Women Rise (Acoustic) (Maxine Feldman)
06 Amazon Women Rise (Original) (Maxine Feldman)
08 Rise Again (Instrumental)
07 Amazon Reggae (Instrumental)
These are partial clips of the songs.

This album pays tribute to the song “Amazon Woman Rise,” written by Maxine Feldman in 1976 and performed as the unofficial official opening song at the festival every year! This disc has the reggae version of the song, the dub version, an acoustic version featuring Judith Casselbery and Holly Near, a salsa version featuring members of Cocomama and the original version by Maxine. A powerful spoken word piece by Staceyann Chin and an instrumental version of the song complete this amazing album! Proceeds go to the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival and the Lesbian Herstory Archives. .

Full list of Artists Performing on this CD:

Toshi Reagon, Judith Cassleberry, Holly Near, Cris Williamson, Aleah Long, Bitch, June Millington, Allison Miller, Gina Breedlove, Shelley Nicole Jefferson, Mayra Casales, Shawn Kimon, Ganessa James, Maxine Feldman


Track Name Details
1  Amazon (reggae) Written by Maxine Feldman, additional lyrics by Toshi Reagon.
2  Rise Again Written by Judith Casselberry.
3  Amazon Like a Rock Written and performed by Stacyann Chin
4  Amazonas De La Tierra Written by Mayra Casales
5  Amazon Women Rise (Acoustic) Written by Maxine Feldman
6  Amazon Women Rise (Original) Written and performed by Maxine Feldman
7 Amazon Reggae (Instrumental)
8  Rise Again (Instrumental)

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Full Album – Amazon Thirty Five, Amazon (reggae), Rise Again, Amazon Like Rock, Amazonas De La Tierra, Amazon (acoustic), Amazon (Maxine Fedman from Closet Sale 1979), Amazon (reggae) – instrumental, Rise Again – instrumental


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