Holly Near: Singing for Our Lives DVD


Women’s rights, gay rights, anti-war protests: Holly Near’s music speaks directly to the world’s young
political activists of today. The singer-songwriter’s soaring anthems call for peace, feminism, LGBTQ
equality, and all human rights. This new award-winning music doc features outstanding concert and rally scenes, and insights from Holly today. From 4 time Emmy winner Jim Brown. New interviews with Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda, Tom Hayden, and more.



“What makes this cinematic gem shine are original interviews with Near and also New Left luminaries including Jane Fonda, Fonda’s former husband Tom Hayden of Chicago 7 notoriety, and Gloria Steinem… the film is a stirring ode to   politically engaged artist: Besides documenting Near’s remarkable life and oeuvre, Lives illuminates the process  of creating art that synthesizes enlightenment and entertainment.“
Ed Rampell, The Progressive

“Near’s on-stage charisma and songwriting have captured, fueled and melded together social change movements, spreading new feminism, gender identity, lesbian politics and more since the 1960s.”
Broadway World

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