Alix Dobkin – Living With Lavender Jane (1997)


At long last, releasing in winter ’97: two absolute and essential Women’s Music classics on a single, double-length CD! Lavender Jane Loves Women, within weeks of its 1973 release, swept women off fences and out of closets. With delight and disbelief, they passed the records from hand to hand, or sent them speeding across oceans and continents. Everywhere women listened, amazed, to songs which actually verbalized the previously unthinkable joy and pride of Lesbian consciousness and identity. Alix’s equally wonderful Living With Lesbians soon followed. This appearance of women-centered culture signalled the end of women’s historical isolation and silence, and provided structures to voice the exuberant spirit and outlaw perspective of an idea long overdue. You’ve been needing to replace that vinyl anyway — treat yourself and loved ones to this piece of Herstory!

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Track Listing:

1 The Woman in Your Life is You 3:02
2 Caledonia County 3:03
3 Eppie Morrie 3:29
4 Jovano 2:26
5 I Only Want to Be With You 2:09
6 The Little House 1:48
7 Her Precious Love 3:46
8 Fantasy Girl 2:30
9 Quartet 3:20
10 Jo’s B-Day Song 1:29
11 Charlie 1:45
12 Beware, Young Ladies 1:35
13 Talking Lesbian 2:41
14 A Woman’s Love 3:12
15 View from Gay Head 3:23
16 Hug-ee-Boo 0:13
17 Living with Lesbians 4:20
18 Chewing Gum 2:37
19 Hearts & Struggles 4:46
20 Amazon ABC 2:29


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Full Album – Physical CD, Full Album – Download, 1 The Woman in Your Life is You, 2 Caledonia County, 3 Eppie Morrie, 4 Jovano, 5 I Only Want to Be With You, 6 The Little House, 7 Her Precious Love, 8 Fantasy Girl, 9 Quartet, 10 Jo's B-Day Song, 11 Charlie, 12 Beware, Young Ladies, 13 Talking Lesbian, 14 A Woman's Love, 15 View from Gay Head, 16 Hug-ee-Boo, 17 Living with Lesbians, 18 Chewing Gum, 19 Hearts & Struggles, 20 Amazon ABC


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