Barbara Borden – Keeper of the Beat DVD


Keeper of the Beat is a feature-length biographical documentary-in-progress about the life and music of Barbara Borden, an extraordinary 66-year-old drummer, composer, teacher and peacemaker. It is produced and directed by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, David L. Brown and follows Barbara’s journey from a pot-banging child of poor immigrant parents to a master percussionist and Ambassador of Peace.

The film tells the fascinating story of a woman and her love of drumming and music. Through her belief in their transformative power, she has developed the courage to become her unique self and to carry her passion for ‘keeping the beat’ into widening circles of communities throughout the world.


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Full Album – Physical CD, Full Album – Download, 1  And The Trees, 2  Heaven's Bells, 3  Drumming-A-Round, 4  Pluto's Pageant, 5  Bye-Bye, 6  Heartbeat Culture, 7  Timeless, 8  Beauty in the Beat


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