Cris WIlliamson – Motherland (2017)


“Motherland is a woman-centric collection of 10 songs, brilliantly produced by Julie Wolf. Great players came to the project, bringing to a fine point each song in an ensemble fashion. As a young singer, before writing songs of my own, I covered songs by others. Because choice equals style, the songs I chose back then informed the songs I would come to write over the years. Now, as then, I’ve chosen songs by others, songs that fit me as if I’d written them myself. I’ve added one new song, one song of my own writing, the title track, Motherland. Pull these covers up around your ears, and enjoy the bountiful harvest.” – Cris


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Track Listing:

1. Farewell, Angelina (3:29)
2. The Magdalene Laundries (4:45)
3. Hard Times In Babylon (4:08)
4. Woman (4:13)
5. Song of Bernadette (5:02)
6. I Never Meant To Hurt You (3:45)
7. Enough To Be On Your Way (5:06)
8. Be Careful (4:34)
9. Jamaica Say You Will (3:46)
10.Motherland (3:59)

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