Ellis Delaney – Wherever You Are (2013)


This 3-disc set features a full two-set show version (with talking and laughing) as well as a 3rd CD that has selected songs without applause or all my chit chatting.

Disc 1: SET ONE: 1) 500 Crows; 2) How Would It Be; 3) Red Light; 4)Comes Back To Me; 5) You Are Royalty To Me; 6)Right On Time; 7) Coffee Song; 8)Wherever You Are

Disc 2: SET TWO: 1) Blackbird; 2) Coming Home To You; 3) Tigers Above, Tigers Below; 4) Right Now; 5) Let’s Go To Yoga; 6) Who Am I; 7) I Belong Here Next To You; 8) Oak Tree

Disc 3: SONGS ONLY 1) 500 Crows; 2) How Would It Be; 3) I Belong Here Next To You; 4)Comes Back To Me; 5)Blackbird; 6)Right On Time; 7) Right Now; 8)You Are Royalty To Me; 9)Coffee Song; 10)Wherever You Are

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