Ferron – Driver (2007)


These are partial clips of the songs.

In Ferron’s own words: ‘The road may go on forever but it is easier if we remember that the vehicle may change… From the opening song called Breakpoint, the invocation to perfect love, to the last song Maya, the dedication to actual love, this album of 10 songs is an exploration of how change and commitment interact with each other and with supposed meaning in our lives… I asked myself, and each of the 12 musicians, to play as though we had already got to where we were going and craved nothing more than to stretch out and hold sacred the now of the song. There is a place in each of the songs where I forget where I am, very much like what sometimes happens when we drive and think.’  Review by Ladyslipper


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Track Listing:

1 Breakpoint
2 Girl On A Road
3 Call Me
4 Cactus
5 Love Loves Me
6 Borderlines
7 Sunshine’s Lament (Prologue)
8 Sunshine
9 Sunshine’s Lament (Epilogue)
10 Independence Day
11 A Name For It
12 Maya

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Full Album – Physical CD, Full Album – Download, 1 Breakpoint, 2 Girl On A Road, 3 Call Me, 4 Cactus, 5 Love Loves Me, 6 Borderlines, 7 Sunshine's Lament (Prologue), 8 Sunshine, 9 Sunshine's Lament (Epilogue), 10 Independence Day, 11 A Name For It, 12 Maya


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