Ferron – Testimony (1980)


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Finally re-released in 2007… with sparkly new cover art! A wind-swept desert lay between us. My intent toward you is marked by staggered impressions upon its rippled surface. If I could find a full-leaved branch I could brush away the mistaken steps, in that way disguising my age, and seeming that much closer to perfection of purpose, but still no closer to you, for my history would be altered, and what then would be the stories I would tell the others not yet come along, or those weathered and so long waiting? There is some mystifyingly magnetic power in the music of this woman-identified Vancouver songwriter…hard to describe but harder to ignore. Her voice and lyrics, which can stand alone as poems, will grab and hold you with their intensity. Technically polished, stylistically diverse, spanning jazz, folk, rock n’ roll. Her testimony: ‘By our lives be we spirit…by our hearts be we women…by our eyes be we open…by our hands be we whole.’  Review by Ladyslipper


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Track Listing:

1 Almost Kissed 3:37
2 Who Loses 4:17
3 Testimony 4:20
4 Rosalee 4:00
5 Our Purpose Here 4:00
6 Satin Blouse 4:36
7 Bellybowl 5:05
8 Ain’t Life A Brook 3:29
9 O Baby 0:36
10 Misty Mountain 5:06

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Full Album – Physical CD, Full Album – Download, 1 Almost Kissed, 2 Who Loses, 3 Testimony, 4 Rosalee, 5 Our Purpose Here, 6 Satin Blouse, 7 Bellybowl, 8 Ain't Life A Brook, 9 O Baby, 10 Misty Mountain


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