Isle of Klezbos – Greetings from the Isle of Klezbos CD


With four pages of liner notes and lyrics in Yiddish, transliteration and English translation.

“Brilliant, intense, eclectic … intoxicating mix of a hundred years’ worth of classic and original klezmer, Latin, jazz and film music.”  New York Music Daily

“These ladies are damned good musicians.” Edge New York City

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  1. Houdini Hora 02:50
  2. Goldene Khasene [Golden Wedding] 02:56
  3. Revery in Hijaz 04:29
  4. Klezbos Kolomeyke 03:55
  5. Rachelle’s Doyna Indigo 01:51
  6. Klezmerengue 01:18
  7. Abrah 05:27
  8. Unter Beymer [Beneath the Trees] 02:45
  9. East Hapsburg Waltz 03:17
  10. Szól A Kakas Már [The Rooster Crows] (live) 04:11
  11. Revery Reprise (live) 03:24
  12. Father’s Cadenzas 03:37
  13. My Father’s Nigun 01:19
  14. Doyna / An Alter Nigun [An Old Tune] / Abi Gezunt (live) 07:39

Released April 1, 2003

Pam Fleming: trumpet & flugelhorn
Rachelle Garniez: accordion & harmony vocal
Deborah Karpel: vocals
Debra Kreisberg: clarinet & alto sax
Catherine Popper: bass
Eve Sicular: drums
…plus special guests!

Produced by Eve Sicular
Recorded & mastered by Jim Clouse
Recorded September 21 & 22, 2002 at Park Wes Studios, Brooklyn, NY
Additional mastering by Michael Fossenkemper, Turtletone Studios
Live tracks recorded at Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater and at Jewsapalooza, the Knitting Factory, New York City
Cover design: Matthew Fass
Klezbos postcard design: Lisa Kocaurek

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Physical CD, Full Album Download, Houdini Hora, Goldene Khasene [Golden Wedding], Revery in Hijaz, Klezbos Kolomeyke, Rachelle's Doyna Indigo, Klezmerengue, Abrah, Unter Beymer [Beneath the Trees], East Hapsburg Waltz, Szól A Kakas Már [The Rooster Crows] (live), Revery Reprise (live), Father's Cadenzas, My Father's Nigun, Doyna / An Alter Nigun [An Old Tune] / Abi Gezunt (live)


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