Kristin Lems – Equality Road (2 CD Set – 2007)


These are partial clips of the songs.

A two CD gift to women’s history – to American history – to our history! The first CD comes live from the historic ERA rally in Washington DC on June 30, 1982 and follow-up recording two weeks later – with electrifying enthusiasm! The iconic Ballad of the ERA (in two Smithsonian Folkways history collections), and We Will Never Give Up form an indelible part of modern women’s history. Add to them rousing covers of Peggy Seeger’s I’m Gonna be an Engineer and Bonnie Lockhart’s The Witches Song, and Kristin’s classic The First Five Minutes of Life (“no need to choose the pink or blue the first five minutes of life…no need to say what the babe can do….”) and you’ve got a classic. The second disk, reissued from Kristin’s In the Out Door (1981), includes How Nice, which Queer Music History calls the first recording ever for marriage equality, a live recording at the 1978 National NOW Convention of Dee Werner’s Rosa Parks, honky-tonk Days of the Theocracy (“no going back to the bad old days, when men were really masters and women were their slaves!”), and a new tribute to Amelia Earhart and the 99’s, New Boundaries. “Proclaiming enthusiasm for the adventure of life, Lems matches musical styles to the humor or somberness of the message…ranging from calypso and honky-tonk to country and ballad. The arrangements are just right” – Women Library Workers

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Track Listing:

Disk One: We Will Never Give Up

  1. Ballad of the ERA (4:46)
  2. We Will Never Give Up (4:27)
  3. Failure is Impossible (3:30)
  4. I’m Gonna be an Engineer (4:10)
  5. My Mom’s a Feminist (6:06)
  6. My Mother Gave me a Penny (1:16)
  7. The First Five Minutes of Life (4:00)
  8. The Witches Song (3:11)
  9. Dangerous Spring (3:53)
  10. New Boundaries (3:15) *
  11. Kashke (4:19)
  12. We Will Never Give Up (reprise) (4:41)


Disk Two: In the Out Door

  1. In the Out Door (3:20)
  2. Clinging Vine (2:58)
  3. The Living Wage (3:29) *
  4. Still in Love with You (3:29)
  5. Days of the Theocracy (3:13)
  6. Catch it on the Run (2:49)
  7. Gol e Yakh (4:39)
  8. Smith Hall (3:46)
  9. Too Cheap to Meter (4:18)
  10. The Only One (3:04)
  11. How Nice (3:54)
  12. Chicago Calypso (2:22)
  13. Union ABCs (3:40) *
  14. Rosa Parks (2:45)

* = bonus track not on original album

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Weight 5 oz

Full Album – Physical CD, Full Album – Download, Ballad of the ERA, We Will Never Give Up, Failure is Impossible, I’m Gonna be an Engineer, My Mom’s a Feminist, My Mother Gave me a Penny, The First Five Minutes of Life, The Witches Song, Dangerous Spring, New Boundaries, Kashke, We Will Never Give Up (reprise), In the Out Door, Clinging Vine, The Living Wage, Still in Love with You, Days of the Theocracy, Catch it on the Run, Gol e Yakh, Smith Hall, Too Cheap to Meter, The Only One, How Nice, Chicago Calypso, Union ABCs, Rosa Parks


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