Metropolitan Klezmer – Traveling Show


Recorded live in concert July 15, 2006 at Nicholas Music Center, Mason Gross School fo the Arts, Rutgers University, New Brunswick NJ (Except tracks 6&7, live in concert December 21, 2006 at Riverspace Arts, Nyack NY).  COMES LOVE recorded November 4, 2004 by Jim Clouse, Park West Studios, Brooklyn NY.

Ismail Butera, accordion
Pam Fleming, trumpet & flugelhorn
Michael Hess, violin & ney flutes
Dave Hofstra, acoustic bass & tuba
Deborah Karpel, vocals
Debra Kreisberg, clarinet & alto sax
Reut Regev, trombone
Eve Sicular, drumset & dumbeq

Produced by Eve Sicular
Live recording engineer: David Merrill

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  1. Uncle Moses’ Wedding Dance 01:53
  2. Ot Azoy Neyt a Shnayder (That’s The Way a Tailor Sews) 04:04
  3. Miracle Melody: Hasidic Nign/Poor Man’s Tune 05:59
  4. Shpil du Fidl, Shpil (Play You Fiddle, Play) 03:29
  5. Guys and Dolls and Bagels 03:07
  6. Traveling Dreydls 03:56
  7. C Minor Bulgar & Ken O’Hara Freylekhs 03:05
  8. Mayn Rue Plats 03:31
  9. Pick a Pocket or Two 02:44
  10. Baltic Blue 05:26
  11. Kalarash Khupe & Frolic (Dancing with Chairs) 03:09
  12. Üsküdar Taxim & Terk in Amerike 03:20
  13. Ney Taxim & Tailor’s Sher 04:49
  14. Striver’s Sher 01:39
  15. Grandma’s Dance / Lebedik un Freylekh 03:49
  16. Muzikalisher Tango 03:46
  17. Mainly Rumanian Finale 07:15
  18. Encore: Northern Doyna / An Alter Nign / Abi Gezunt & Klezmerengue 08:36
  19. Comes Love (ISLE OF KLEZBOS) 04:38

Released July 2007


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Physical CD, Full Album Download, Uncle Moses' Wedding Dance, Ot Azoy Neyt a Shnayder (That's The Way a Tailor Sews), Miracle Melody: Hasidic Nign/Poor Man's Tune, Shpil du Fidl, Shpil (Play You Fiddle, Play), Guys and Dolls and Bagels, Traveling Dreydls, C Minor Bulgar & Ken O'Hara Freylekhs, Mayn Rue Plats, Pick a Pocket or Two, Baltic Blue, Kalarash Khupe & Frolic (Dancing with Chairs), Üsküdar Taxim & Terk in Amerike, Ney Taxim & Tailor's Sher, Striver's Sher, Grandma's Dance / Lebedik un Freylekh, Muzikalisher Tango, Mainly Rumanian Finale, Encore: Northern Doyna / An Alter Nign / Abi Gezunt & Klezmerengue, Comes Love (ISLE OF KLEZBOS)


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