Nervous but Excited – Once More… With Feeling

Once More… With Feeling is the first studio album by Nervous but Excited. Their intention while recording this album was to capture the raw connectedness that is their songwriting, while keeping the light-hearted flare that is their live performance. Recorded mostly in their Lansing, MI home, this album captures the comfort of the space.

“Nervous But Excited sound neither nervous nor excited on Once More… With Feeling, but they had to have been excited upon finishing this album. Kate Peterson and Sarah Cleaver, with voices that hold hands in the dark, called upon a small group of friends to flesh out their modern folk sound and the result is captivating. With what at first sounds like traces of the 60s folk movement, they move through the eleven originals with ease and slowly leave the traces in the dust and leave you wanting more… with feeling.”

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  1. lansing
  2. echo
  3. sunspot
  4. slow and steady
  5. pockets of light
  6. unfinished song
  7. blessing
  8. 200 years
  9. mighty ocean
  10. wishlist
  11. living room, early a.m.


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sunspot, slow and steady, pockets of light, unfinished song, blessing, 200 years, mighty ocean, wishlist, living room, early a.m.


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