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Scary Women are a Lansing based quartet (Jennifer Gower Toms, Tammy Cook, Joel Kuiper and Amy Starr) formed in the summer of 2015 and played their first show on September 26th of that year. Since then the band has logged 5,500 miles, 72 shows and has close to 1,000 live recordings in distribution not including the eight compilation releases they’ve contributed to.  This is Scary Women’s first full length studio release.


  1. Scary Women

2. Stained

3. Chains

4. Do You Really Think?

5. Burning One

6. Billie Boggs

7. Baptized

8. Rail Fence

9. Extremes

10. Harbor

11. Pavement Stone

12. Resolve

13. I Would


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“Jason Roedel of the Jackpine Snag produced, engineered, mixed and mastered Scary Women’s self-titled album that captures their “driving, aggressive” sound and dark lyrics, often compared to Bikini Kill and the Runaways…Scary Women showcases the band’s growth and range with material written by all four members, spanning their entire career. “
Ariel Rogers, Lansing City Pulse

“Sonically, the band reaches back to the early-‘90s Sub Pop Records sound.’(We’re influenced by) old sci-movies, the Riot grrrl movement, female artists like Patti Smith and Kathleen Hanna and old-school rockers like Zeppelin and the Stones’
Rich Tupica, Lansing City Pulse

“This is one of the hardest working and hardest playing bands around right now” – GTG Records

“…Scary Women is not a great rock band, you know, for being chicks, but that they’re great musicians who happen to be women (and a fella). It’s not that they’re exciting for a bunch of ladies, they’re exciting because they’re GOOD. They’re put together. They’re fun. The crowd hung on every word, every chord, and were loved out loud. I believe I even heard someone shout ‘I want to be all of you’, which seems like a pretty high compliment to me…Their name is powerful, their show is great and the musicians themselves are wonderful.”
Kate Werth – Shut Up and Play

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