SONiA & disappear fear – LIVE at MAXiMAL (2016)


SONiA’s latest Double Live CD (2016). “LiVE at MAXiMAL” is from SONiA’s performance at a concert In Rodgau, Germany. 20 songs of “real and passionate bubbling up acoustic energy” (The Folk Beast). Grammy Contender for BEST FOLK ALBUM at 59th Grammy Awards,

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Track Listing:

1 L’ Kol L’ Vavcha (Live) 4:06
2 Farmland and the Sky (Live) 4:11
3 Red Heaven (Live) 3:06
4 Washington Work Song (Live) 6:07
5 Won’t Let Go (Live) 3:53
6 Love out Loud (Live) 3:08
7 Me, Too (Live) 5:02
8 Long, Long Way to Go (Live) 3:04
9 Moment of Glory (Live) 4:17
10 Box of Tissues (Live) 4:36
11 Biggest, Baddest Heart (Live) 3:37
12 The Banker (Live) 5:41
13 Broken Film (Live) 3:04
14 Princess and the Honey Bee (Live) 3:03
15 Imagine (Live) 3:54
16 Thank Yous (Live) 0:57
17 Sexual Telepathy (Live) 4:09
18 Where Have All the Flowers Gone (Live) 4:46
19 Perfect Shade (Blue) [Live] 4:05
20 The Other Man (Live) 5:22
21 Ari Ari (Live) 4:20


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Full Album – Physical CD, Full Album – Download, 1 L' Kol L' Vavcha (Live), 2 Farmland and the Sky (Live), 3 Red Heaven (Live), 4 Washington Work Song (Live), 5 Won't Let Go (Live), 6 Love out Loud (Live), 7 Me, Too (Live), 8 Long, Long Way to Go (Live), 9 Moment of Glory (Live), 10 Box of Tissues (Live), 11 Biggest, Baddest Heart (Live), 12 The Banker (Live), 13 Broken Film (Live), 14 Princess and the Honey Bee (Live), 15 Imagine (Live), 16 Thank Yous (Live), 17 Sexual Telepathy (Live), 18 Where Have All the Flowers Gone (Live), 19 Perfect Shade (Blue) [Live], 20 The Other Man (Live), 21 Ari Ari (Live)


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