Sue Massek – Precious Memories (2015)


These are partial clips of the songs.

To hear Sue’s Appalachia-tinged voice and sometimes haunting, sometimes galloping claw-hammer banjo is to travel 80 years back in time. When Sue sings the songs of Sarah Ogan Gunning, she carries us back to 1932, to the Eastern Kentucky coal camp in which Sarah was born and raised.

Track Listing:

1 Down On The Picket Line 01:34
2 Loving Nancy 02:30
3 Dreadful Memories 02:25
4 Come All You Coal Miners 02:06
5 I Am A Traveling Creature 02:59
6 I’m Going To Organize 01:49
7 I Hate The Capitalist System 02:40
8 I Am A Union Woman 02:51
9 Hello, Coal Miner 04:20
10 Girl Of Constant Sorrow 02:42
11 Precious memories 03:37
12 The Lonesome Death Of Harry Simms 02:00
13 Fair Ye Well Old Ely Branch 02:07
14 I Don’t Want Your Millions Mister 03:17
15 That 25 Cents That You Paid 03:05
16 Only A Miner 03:13

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Full Album – Physical CD, Full Album – Download, 1 Down On The Picket Line, 2 Loving Nancy, 3 Dreadful Memories, 4 Come All You Coal Miners, 5 I Am A Traveling Creature, 6 I'm Going To Organize, 7 I Hate The Capitalist System, 8 I Am A Union Woman, 9 Hello, Coal Miner, 10 Girl Of Constant Sorrow, 11 Precious memories, 12 The Lonesome Death Of Harry Simms, 13 Fair Ye Well Old Ely Branch, 14 I Don’t Want Your Millions Mister, 15 That 25 Cents That You Paid, 16 Only A Miner


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