Topp Twins – Grass Highway (2001)


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An earthy cocktail of roots-style music flavoured with blues, love ballads, rockabilly and some sweet-sounding yodels. Features their anthem ‘Untouchable Girls’. Winner of Best Country Album NZ Music Awards 2001. “This self produced (with Keith Ballantyne) uplifting collection of body moving sounds features nine original songs by these yodelling, entertaining twin, country singing lesbians and four songs written by others, including Maori country singing icon, Eddie Low. Superb backing musical support by top New Zealand musicians, give this album a wider highway along which the listener can choose to rest, move along from, and will no doubt return to.

Track Listing:

1 Big Ole Moon 3:33
2 One Horse Town 3:32
3 Fire in the Barn 2:52
4 Tijuana Rose 3:02
5 Room in My Heart 3:05
6 Milestones 4:28
7 Songs of Home 3:46
8 Baby I Think I Love You 4:14
9 Nz Icon 2:31
10 Untouchable Girls 2:38
11 Returning Home 2:56
12 Pinto Pony and I 3:07
13 Pacifica 3:38

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Physical CD, Full Album Dwnload, 1 Big Ole Moon, 2 One Horse Town, 3 Fire in the Barn, 4 Tijuana Rose, 5 Room in My Heart, 6 Milestones, 7 Songs of Home, 8 Baby I Think I Love You, 9 Nz Icon, 10 Untouchable Girls, 11 Returning Home, 12 Pinto Pony and I, 13 Pacifica


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