Artemis Singers – 25 Years (2005)


These are partial clips of the songs.

Chicago’s Lesbian Feminist Chorus sings 33 of their favorite songs. Recordings include performances from the early 1980s through 2005. As with every Artemis Singers performance, all songs in this set are written or arranged by women. Some are choral arrangements of women’s music favorites; some are original compositions written specifically for Artemis Singers. Contact [email protected] for information about arrangements.

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Full Track Listing with Writers & Arrangers:

  1. Leaping 2005 Written by Sue Fink and Joelyn Grippo
  2. Sweet Darlin’ Woman 1985 Written by Diane Lindsay; arr. Susan Schleef
  3. Shadows 2001 Words by Meade Palidofsky; music by Claudia Howard Queen; arr. Liz Pazik
  4. Mother Earth 1995 Written by Paula Walowitz
  5. And Back Again 2002 Words by Gwen Frostic; music by Dede Duson (copyright 1981 by Jenson Publications)
  6. Aignish on the Machair 2005 Words by Agnes Mure Mackenzie; Old Highland air first noted by Henry Whyte, arr. Gwyn Arch (arr. copyright 1967 by Boosey & Col, Ltd., published by Schirmer)
  7. Common Woman 2000 Written by Marla Beth Elliott and The Righteous Mothers; arr. Joan Simcoe
  8. Ella’s Song 2000 Writer: Bernice Reagon; Publisher: Songtalk Music
  9. Chant of Dawning Year 1990 Words and music by Natalya Hall, arr. Loya Darling
  10. Spiral Time 1998 Written by Susan J. Rogers
  11. Burning Times 1987 / 2005 Burning Times by Charlie Murphy ; Goddess Chant by Deena Metzger (
  12. Sweet Sorcery 2000 Written by Terry Dash
  13. Full Woman 2001 Written by Rachel Bagby
  14. Breaths    Words adapted from the poem by Birago Diop, Music by Ysaye M. Barnwell ©1980 Barnwell’s
  15. Good Friends are the Best 1995 Written by Therese Edell
  16. Lesbian Nation 2004 Words by Catherine Madsen

Vol 2

  1. The Gathering / Gather 2001 The Gathering: Movement 1 of 3 from Miniatures of Kin: words by Janie Gardner Cunningham; music by Julie Gardner Bray.  Gather: Written by Karen Mooney
  2. Artemis 2005 Claudia Howard Queen,
  3. Finding Her Here 2005 Poem by Jayne Relaford Brown; music by Loraine Edwalds
  4. Wood River 2002 Written by Connie Kaldor; arr. Willi Zwozdesky
  5. Side By Side 2000 Performed by Artemis Queertette; written by Harry Woods; arr. Warren Buzz Hager
  6. I Enjoy Being a Dyke [Girl] 2001 Words by Oscar Hammerstein II, with additional words by Ruth Clark and Loraine Edwalds. Music by Richard Rodgers. Williamson Music Co.
  7. Good Night Walt Whitman 2001 Written by Ann Marie Akin
  8. Artemis Chant 2005 Written by Nicky Joice
  9. Gardensong 2002 Written by Jennifer Bennett and Wilma Kenny, [email protected]
  10. Full Moon (movement 3 of 4 from Music for Witches) 2005 Written by Audrey Karabinus
  11. I Ain’t Afraid 2005 Words and Music by Holly Near; arr. J. David Moore
  12. The Stove (movement 2 of 3 from The Muse, the Stove, and the Willow Plate) 2005 Words by Ann Kilkelly, music by Zae Munn
  13. Song of the Good Daughter 2005 Poem by S.L. Wisenberg; arr. Loraine Edwalds
  14. Lesbian Picnic 2001 Written by John W. Bratton and Jimmy Kennedy; additional words by Katherine M. Younger
  15. To Make A Prairie 2005 Poem by Emily Dicksinson, music by Rachel Alexander
  16. The Earth is Singing My Name 2001 Poem by Dar Nivar; music by Marjan Helms
  17. When We Made the Music 1983 Written by Kay Gardner; conducted by Kay Gardner

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Full Album – Physical CD, Full Album – Download, Leaping 2005, Sweet Darlin’ Woman 1985, Shadows 2001, Mother Earth 1995, And Back Again 2002, Aignish on the Machair 2005, Common Woman 2000, Ella’s Song 2000, Chant of Dawning Year 1990, Spiral Time 1998, Burning Times 1987 / 2005, Sweet Sorcery 2000, Full Woman 2001, Breaths 1980, Good Friends are the Best 1995, Lesbian Nation 2004, The Gathering / Gather 2001, Artemis 2005, Finding Her Here 2005, Wood River 2002, Side By Side 2000, I Enjoy Being a Dyke [Girl] 2001, Good Night Walt Whitman 2001, Artemis Chant 2005, Gardensong 2002, Full Moon (movement 3 of 4 from Music for Witches) 2005, I Ain’t Afraid 2005, The Stove (movement 2 of 3 from The Muse, the Stove, and the Willow Plate) 2005, Song of the Good Daughter 2005, Lesbian Picnic 2001, To Make A Prairie 2005, The Earth is Singing My Name 2001, When We Made the Music 1983


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