Blaze & Kelly – The Sun Runs (2016)


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Rounding out the 5th full CD of Blaze and Kelly’s music, this album can best be described as emotional.  From a foot stomping start of “Keep Facing the Sun” to the very reflective title track this CD really hits the heart in that special way Blaze and Kelly are known for.  They did it again, taking you on their magic carpet ride to find the heart of what matters.  A very vulnerable and raw look at relationships describes “Dad’s and their Daughters” and “Undone”.  To a sexy tongue in cheek thumpy, fun “Slide” riding on the edge of pop with “Love you Anyway” and “The Gift” only to be swept in by Mo’s first stand out solo “Open Heart” followed with the breath taking ballad of “Thankful”.  Yes, this album defines what it means to live in gratitude.  All the feelings that wash over us as we listen and reflect on how precious life and love are, right down to the finish with “Osa’s Walk” which features the canine alto vocal!

This CD shows off the mileage these two women have covered, on the road of life. The sound quality is super pure, close up and personal and really captures the essence of Blaze and Kelly.  A variety once again throughout the music, featured artists on this record make it shine.  Good friend, Rochelle Smith adds fabulous harmonies and mandolin, while Rebecca Scott also puts her shine on some bass parts as does Mo Kelly.  Niccole Blaze, Fritz Jones and Gary Tackett share electric lead guitar and Blaine Johnston puts the drums right where they need to be.  But what really makes this album sing is of course, the singers!  Mo Kelly’s ethereal voice meets Niccole Blaze’s deep soulful voice and tapestry continues to fly!  You are in for a real revelation and treat if you purchase this music!  Enjoy!!!

Recorded 2016 – Dedicated to the memory of James  B. Clahan (Mo’s Dad)


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Physical CD, Full CD Download, Keep Facing The Sun, The Gift, Open Heart, Slide, Love You Anyway, Little Voice, Undone, Thankful, Dad's & Their Daughters, The Sun Runs, Osa's Walk


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