Cris WIlliamson – Changer & The Changed (1975)


Definitely, THE classic women’s music album. One of top selling independent albums when it was released in 1975, it maintained that distinction until the early 90’s — a most amazing record. These songs are the timeless standards, speaking to women as deeply today as they did when they were first heard.


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Track Listing:

1 Waterfall 5:22
2 Hurts Like the Devil 3:00
3 Wild Things 4:30
4 Sweet Woman 3:54
5 Song of the Soul 4:30
6 Shooting Star 2:40
7 Dream Child 4:25
8 One of the Light 5:02
9 Having Been Touched (Tender Lady) 4:51
10 Sister 4:51

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Full Album – Physical CD, Full Album – Download, 19, Process is the Purpose, Tula's Turnaround, Silent Mist/How Insensitive, Soulful Strut, Zawinul, I Don't Want to Know Your Name, Light My Fire, House Party, Orange Grove, Space Port/Pinnocchio, Let Me Live My Lie, Calm Before the Storm


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