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Restore Me, 2012
tion Inspired by my first exposure to the language of permaculture teaching, the poetry of the land. This production by Roman Morykit rocks! It’s a big sound and it’s my led zeppelin song, and it’s deep!
Love and Revolution, 2017
What if it all ended tomorrow? Love and Revolution sings to the youth of today, reassuring them that the world can’t end because, mythologically speaking, it’s always rebirthing itself. This upbeat ukulele song recorded live here with bass, drum kit and lead acoustic guitar.
Turn Toward the Sun, 2019
Turn Toward The Sun was written for Geraldine Mcmanus and the buffalo of Standing Rock. Diane met Geraldine during a brief visit to the Standing Rock Water Protectors’ camp in October 2016, while on tour with then-new Teach, Inspire, Be Real cd. When they met again about 8 months later, Dakota woman, Geraldine, asked Diane to write a song that would tell the story of the buffalo coming to help the people and the water at Standing Rock. 
Somewhere There’s a Song Still Singing, 2020
This song celebrates deep, old-tyme connection between people and land and songs. We have an old saying in English, “I have to get the lay of the land,” and I understand the lay of the land to mean, the song of the land. And so we continue to sing, to the land, for our people, for all people, as if our lives depend on it, because in some ways, they do!
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Restore Me 2012, Love and Revolution 2017, Turn Toward the Sun 2019, Somewhere There’s a Song Still Singing 2020


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