Isle of Klezbos – Yiddish Silver Screen (2023)


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This album celebrates Isle of Klezbos’ silver anniversary, with new recordings and special guests as well as a plethora of finds within our archives: tracks from busy years of touring rediscovered during more recent reemergence. It’s now 25 years since our band formed
as the sister sextet spun off from NYC’s Metropolitan Klezmer—whose own live concert highlights make musical cameos here too, featuring our several shared bandmates. Both our ensembles also share this special focus on exploring and adapting Yiddish cinema tunes from a startling array of lesser-known vintage soundtrack repertoire (even found within well-known movie classics). These revelations from the Yiddish Silver Screen / zilberner kino / זילבערנער קינאָ encompass nearly half the tracks presented here.

The physical “Yiddish Silver Screen” CD comes in a beautiful six-panel illustrated gate-fold case, with cover art by Anya Ulinich and disc design by Lisa M. Kelsey. The eminently legible twenty-page booklet fits smoothly into notched tube insert, complete with detailed descriptions as well as full lyrics for all vocal tracks including original Yiddish plus both transliteration and complete English translations. Booklet and artwork layouts by Yiddish publications expert Yankl Salant, graphic designer for “Yiddish Silver Screen” (aka “zilberner kino” / זילבערנער קינאָ ). Illustrations include band photos as well as archival frame stills from numerous Yiddish cinematic works.

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Physical CD, Full Album Download, 1. Metropolitan Klezmer – Cheburashka Wistful Waltz, 2. Unter Beymer, 3. A Glezele Yash, 4. Noiresque, 5. Abi Gezunt: Molly's Cautionary Tale, 6. Malka's Nigun: Bin Ikh Mir Ayn Furman, 7. The Poor Man's Akdomoys, 8. Bonia Shur's Nigun & Cartagena Chosidl, 9. Hert Zikh Aynet, 10. Muzikalisher Tango, 11. Metropolitan Klezmer – Trombone Taxim & Mekhutonim Tants, 12. Farlangen, 13. Circus Lullaby, 14. Me Git a Bisl, Me Nemt a Bisl, 15. Weary Sun Tango, 16. J. Edgar Klezmer: Son of the Taxman, 17. Metropolitan Klezmer – Clarinet Taxim & Tailor's Sher, 18. Libes Shmertsn, 19. Üsküdar Taxim & Terk in Amerike, 20. Uncle Moses Wedding Dance


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