Kay Gardner – A Rainbow Path (1984)


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Ladyslipper could not be more proud to present to you this phenomenal work which has been years in the making. This is evocative, beautiful acoustic instrumental music, perfect not only for relaxation and listening pleasure, but also for movement and dance, and most specifically for meditation, massage, and various disciplines of holistic healing. Kay has pioneered in the field of healing through music, arts and color, and this recording is the culmination of her research. It is scored for (get ready): flute, recorder, harp, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French and English horns, trombone, violin, viola, cello, doublebass, vibraphone, tambura, timpani, bells and small percussion, and subtle voices. Kay draws from classical, Irish, Eastern, medieval, and avant-garde elements. Each of the 8 segments correlates to a color, a sound, and a chakra (energy center). Instruments were chosen accordingly and written meditations are provided. This is truly a deluxe, many-dimensional experience. Highly recommended!  (Ladyslipper)


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Track Listing:

1 Processional
2 Dorian Hills
3 Awakening
4 The Greenwood
5 Castle In The Mist
6 See My Wings Shining
7 Soaring
8 Fountain Of Light

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Full Album – Physical CD, Full Album – Download, 1 Processional, 2 Dorian Hills, 3 Awakening, 4 The Greenwood, 5 Castle In The Mist, 6 See My Wings Shining, 7 Soaring, 8 Fountain Of Light


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