Kay Gardner – Ouroboros (1993)


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Subtitled Women’s Passages, this oratorio by Kay for 6 female soloists, women’s chorus and orchestra is set to exquisite solo texts by Charlie Hutchins (a woman), and powerful chant texts by Ila Suzanne. A live recording of its premiere performance at the 20th National Women’s Musical Festival in Bloomington IN, it is one of the largest-ever classical productions featuring women musicians: 84 voices, 40 orchestra members. Except it’s not classical, in the traditional sense. Performers as well as audience members were often teary-eyed during the performance, they were so profoundly moved. The work celebrates the ages of Woman, with each age corresponding to a holy day on the ancient Celtic calendar (solstices, equinoxes, Beltane, Etc.), is strongly centered in female spirituality, and relates to the birth/death/rebirth cycle. Lush and deeply healing (with music reminiscent of A Rainbow Path), it features stunning performances by soloists interwoven with choral interludes. Kay’s masterpiece; highly recommended!


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Track Listing:

1 Beginning
2 Birth / Winter Solstice
3 Childhood / Imbolc
4 Puberty / Spring Equinox
5 Maidenhood / Beltane
6 Motherhood / Summer Solstice
7 Menopause / Lammas
8 Elderhood / Autumn Equinox
9 Death – Rebirth / Samhain

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Full Album – Physical CD, Full Album – Download, 1 Beginning, 2 Birth / Winter Solstice, 3 Childhood / Imbolc, 4 Puberty / Spring Equinox, 5 Maidenhood / Beltane, 6 Motherhood / Summer Solstice, 7 Menopause / Lammas, 8 Elderhood / Autumn Equinox, 9 Death – Rebirth / Samhain


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