Melissa Ferrick: 70 People at 7000 Feet CD


Recorded live in Flagstaff Arizona in front of a crowd of 70,(hence the title) this live album does an incredible job of documenting the amazing connection between Melissa and drummer Brian Winton.  ‘Tis hard to belive that one woman, one acoustic guitar, one man and a drum set can create such intense rock and roll! Enjoy!

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1. Intro
2. Love Song
3. Hold On
4. Freedom
5. Burn This Guitar
6. Some Kind of Nerve
7. Mercy
8. Then So It Is
9. Everything I Need
10. Will You Be the One
11. Nebraska
12. Who Knows Why
13. All for Me
14. Crack the Mirror
15. Black Tornado
16. The Stranger
17. North Carolina
18. Welcome to My Life
19. Drive

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