Kristin Lems – Oh Mama Plus! (2000/1979)


These are partial clips of the songs.

Best-selling Kristin Lems album! Includes the pun-filled Dixieland Mammary Glands, playlisted on Dr. Demento, the country-perfect classic, Farmer, about women farmers losing their land from unjust laws (“Call me a farmer, not a farmer’s wife”), a fiery protest of the double standard of justice for black Americans, I Wasn’t Surprised, and the hilarious The Fifties Sound. The reissue has three bonus tracks, including the popular The Three Madonnas, about “Judy and Joni and Joan” – the three artists who most influenced Kristin’s singing and songwriting. “…an excellent songwriter, coupled by a hilarious pun-laden humor” – Colorado Mirror. The New Yorker called Kristin “a charmer in the most literal and least artificial sense of the word [with]….nice feminist lyrics”. The album closes with a stirring performance of Debussy’s L’Isle Joyeuse by distinguished concert pianist Carol Lems-Dworkin, Kristin’s mother. Oh Mama indeed!

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Track Listing:

    1. Chicago Calypso (2:55) *
    2. The Three Madonnas (Judy and Joni and Joan) (4:57) *
    3. Between 96 and 97 (3:11) *
    4. Not Yet (2:37)
    1. For all Women in Struggle (4:04)
    2. The Fifties Sound (3:27)
    3. Talking Gender Neutral Blues (1:47)
    4. Marynell (2:19)
    5. Cuyahoga River (3:33)
    6. Women Walk More Determined (3:47)
    7. Mammary Glands (2:56)
    8. Farmer (3:45)
    9. I Wasn’t Surprised (4:39)
    10. Oh Mama! (1:56)
    11. L’Isle Joyeuse performed by Carol Lems-Dworkin (6:23)

    * = bonus track on Oh Mama – plus! – original lp, Oh Mama! released 1979


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Full Album – Physical CD, Full Album – Download, Chicago Calypso, The Three Madonnas (Judy and Joni and Joan), Between 96 and 97, Not Yet, For all Women in Struggle, The Fifties Sound, Talking Gender Neutral Blues, Marynell, Cuyahoga River, Women Walk More Determined, Mammary Glands, Farmer, I Wasn’t Surprised, Oh Mama!, L’Isle Joyeuse performed by Carol Lems-Dworkin


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