Kristin Lems – You Me & All of the Above (2015)


These are partial clips of the songs.

Thirteen new songs with Kristin’s amazing range of styles! Produced by bassist Lynn Keller, and vocal arrangements by Sue Draus, using singers from The Book of Mormon! Songs of hope – The Heart of a Woman tells how Chilean women and children set up camp where miners had been trapped – until a way was found to save them! Oh Little Bird serenades refugees seeking and finding “new nests”, and No Turning Back rocks the house forward to times of equity! Enjoy the humor of Old Cap Streeter, the pirate of Chicago, or Carl the Guinea Hen, who charmed a Chicago neighborhood until rescued from coyotes and brought to a farm. And there’s a solstice song for your chorus! “Kristin can’t resist a good hook” – Champaign News-Gazette

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Track Listing:

  1. The Everywhichway Wind (3:16)
  2. Who Knows where my Money Goes (2:34)
  3. The Heart of a Woman (3:25)
  4. You Can’t Rush the River (2:47)
  5. Oh Little Bird (3:23)
  6. Old Cap Streeter (4:04)
  7. Across a Village (3:23)
  8. The Ballad of Mossadegh (2:55)
  9. Carl the Guinea Hen (3:21)
  10. Because there’s a Sky (2:58)
  11. Solstice Song (2:02)
  12. Chicago I Will (3:09)
  13. No Turning Back (2:46)


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Full Album – Physical CD, Full Album – Download, The Everywhichway Wind, Who Knows where my Money Goes, The Heart of a Woman, You Can’t Rush the River, Oh Little Bird, Old Cap Streeter, Across a Village, The Ballad of Mossadegh, Carl the Guinea Hen, Because there’s a Sky, Solstice Song, Chicago I Will, No Turning Back


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