Melissa Ferrick – Self Titled Vinyl 12″ LP


Expected to ship in the early fall (maybe even September!).

Melissa Ferrick’s 12th original album is a coming home.  She has arrived in a place musically that is both familiar and new.  Melissa is a better writer, engineer, producer, and overall artist.  The self-titled album is, in many ways, a new beginning for Ferrick.  Written in just over a year, recorded at home, and released on her own relaunched label, Right On Records, Melissa Ferrick has given us a simple, eloquent, and honest acoustic album with an undeniable level of maturity. For long-time fans, this will be a welcome new arrival.  For those who are just discovering Ferrick, this is a superb way to be introduced. A completely solo effort in its process, creation, and release, Melissa Ferrick is marking the middle of her career with a perfect return to songwriting, and to herself.

Note: The album also includes a download card for digital files.


1. Relief
2. Say Yes
3. Careful
4. Scenic View
5. Elephant
6. Sideways
7. Run Out of Me
8. Anchor Up
9. Stars Outnumber Our Hearts
10. Trust It All

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × .5 in


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