Metropolitan Klezmer – Yiddish for Travelers


Yiddish has a long history of traveling: about a thousand years, in fact. Much of this music has been shaped at crossroads of those journeys, in Eastern & Central Europe, Asia Minor, America, and the Middle East. In the crossing over between cultures, the origin of a shared folk melody has become unclear (did it begin as Greek or Yiddish song?), while a New World Yiddish show tune has become deeply traditional in Transylvania…
[from the liner notes]

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  1. Nokh a Gleyzl Vayn [Another Glass of Wine] 02:11
  2. C Minor Bulgar 02:53
  3. Fifth Floor Khosidl 03:18
  4. Mangiko / Yoshke Fort Avek [Greek & Yiddish versions] 03:57
  5. Der Feter Max’s Bulgar [Uncle Max’s Bulgar] 02:17
  6. Libes Shmertsn [The Pain of Love] 03:21
  7. Sheyn Vi Di Levone [Beautiful as the Moon] 02:08
  8. Yosl, Yosl 00:56
  9. Farlangen [Longing] 01:19
  10. Der Gasn Nigun [The Street Tune] 02:25
  11. Ken O’Hara Freylekh 02:47
  12. Russian Sher [Scissors Dance] 02:54
  13. Fiselekh [Happy Feet] 01:50
  14. Der Yidisher Soldat in di Trenches [Jewish Soldier in the Trenches] 03:19
  15. Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen [Raisins and Almonds] 02:25
  16. Metropolitan Raisins (Jazz version) 02:19
  17. Oy Tate [Oh Father] 02:33
  18. Zhok a la Dave 01:15
  19. Steve’s Bar Mitzve 01:50
  20. Ismail’s Doyna (Mainly Rumanian…) 02:25
  21. Bessarabian Hora 02:14
  22. Kostakowsky Sirba 03:48
  23. Volokh 01:58
  24. Der Miropoler Rebe’s Nigun & Dybbuk March 03:55

Released January 1988

Ismail Butera, accordion, bendir
Steve Elson: clarinets, saxophones, flute
Michael Hess: violin, viola, kanun, ney flutes
Dave Hofstra: upright bass, tuba
Deborah Karpel: vocals
Eve Sicular: drums

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Physical CD, Full Album Download, Nokh a Gleyzl Vayn [Another Glass of Wine], C Minor Bulgar, Fifth Floor Khosidl, Mangiko / Yoshke Fort Avek [Greek & Yiddish versions], Der Feter Max's Bulgar [Uncle Max's Bulgar], Libes Shmertsn [The Pain of Love], Sheyn Vi Di Levone [Beautiful as the Moon], Yosl, Yosl, Farlangen [Longing], Der Gasn Nigun [The Street Tune], Ken O'Hara Freylekh, Russian Sher [Scissors Dance], Fiselekh [Happy Feet], Der Yidisher Soldat in di Trenches [Jewish Soldier in the Trenches], Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen [Raisins and Almonds], Metropolitan Raisins (Jazz version), Oy Tate [Oh Father], Zhok a la Dave, Steve's Bar Mitzve, Ismail's Doyna (Mainly Rumanian…), Bessarabian Hora, Kostakowsky Sirba, Volokh, Der Miropoler Rebe's Nigun & Dybbuk March


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