Ruth Barrett – The Year is A Dancing Woman Vol 2 (2003)


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Midsummer through Hallowmas- Goddess Chants, Songs, and Invocations for the Women’s Wheel of the Year

Music for Goddess Spirituality. Original chants by Ruth Barrett, Kay Gardner, Niki Harris, Carolyn Hillyer, Sue McGowan, Shekhinah Mountainwater, Kerry Noonan, Ani Williams, and Starhawk, plus songs from traditional folk sources celebrating the seasonal holy days.

Track Listing:

Through All the World Below, We Are the Fire, Fire Chant, Labyrinth, Celebrate, Holy Mother’s Protecting Chain, Earth Mother, Pentagram, Go To the Very Edge, Grandmother Chant, We Are the Flow, Hecate, Spiral Is Turning, Revocation Chant

Released 2003

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“We have come to expect no less than perfection from Ruth Barrett over the years, and her new two-volume set does not disappoint. Here is perfect accompaniment for your seasonal Goddess celebrations, whether solitary or with a group. Many of Ruth’s original chants are here, like the Triple Goddess Chant, Labyrinth, and Invocation to Brigid. We also hear many wonderful works from some of our most beloved Goddess foremothers, including Kay Gardner, Shekhinah Mountainwater, Starhawk and Carolyn Hillyer. There are chants and songs for each turn of the wheel: Winter Solstice, Brigid, Spring Equinox, May Eve, Summer Solstice, First Harvest, Fall Equinox and Halloas. Ruth is accompanied by voice and percussion, courtesy of a beautiful chorus of Goddess women. These chants and songs perfectly invoke the spirit of each season and will have you singing and dancing your own praises to the Mother. This is Goddess music at its finest – the music that Ruth was born to create. Grateful blessings to Ruth and to all the sisters who share their invaluable gifts with us in this incredible set!” ~Marisa Young, The Beltane Papers, A Journal of Women’s Mysteries, Issue 32, Spring, 2004


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Physical CD, Full Album Download, Through All the World Below, We Are the Fire – Fire Chant, Labyrinth, Celebrate, Holy Mother's Protecting Chain, Earth Mother, Pentagram, Go To the Very Edge, Grandmother Chant, We Are the Flow, Hecate, Spiral Is Turning, Revocation Chant, Seasonal Magick


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