SONiA – No Bomb is Smart (2004)


These are partial clips of the songs.

Recorded in Nashville with a stellar Grammy lineup of producers and musicians and featuring the luxurious harmonies of CiNDY Frank (the original sound of disappear fear). The first song is a beautiful rendition of the Phil Ochs tune “No More Songs.” The other 11 tracks are penned and delivered by SONiA with the full proof insurance of Craig Krampf on drums and knees, Glen Worf on bass, Bill Cuomo on strings and organs, Ed Snodderly on mandola and dobro… and more, more, more.

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Track Listing:

1 No More Songs 04:24
2 Sugarcane 02:18
3 Gangsters of Love 04:06
4 Won’t Let Go 03:11
5 I Am the Enemy 04:25
6 No Bomb Is Smart 03:51
7 Bucket of Blues 04:35
8 Obviously 03:45
9 Ride This Ride 02:49
10 The Other Man 04:26
11 Rio’s Home 05:22
12 A Different Star 04:11

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Full Album – Physical CD, Full Album – Download, No More Songs, 2 Sugarcane, 3 Gangsters of Love, 4 Won't Let Go, 5 I Am the Enemy, 6 No Bomb Is Smart, 7 Bucket of Blues, 8 Obviously, 9 Ride This Ride, 10 The Other Man, 11 Rio's Home, 12 A Different Star


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